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Muskingum county's sheriff tells his fourth-year-experiences with propane going green and saving costs.

Southeast Ohio

Southwest Ohio

Forest Hills School District bus driver advocates for propane gas because of its quietness so that kids don't have to talk over the noises.

North Central Ohio

Linden's propane explains why a lot of people are changing their fleets into propane. Many fleet busses, delivery vehicles and lawn services are converting to propane to save costs and get cleaner oils and longer miles.

Holly Bee Lawncare, OH

TAG Landscaping, OH

Holly Bee is expanding their green commitment to locals with propane. If you're looking to save on your budget, converting to propane can save on fuel and maintenance costs.

TAG explores options for alternative fuel and finds the clean-burning propane to be most efficient.


Ohio Propane Gas Association

The OPGA is a trade and membership service organization that represents propane marketers throughout the state.


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